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Program and Map for Garden of Memory 2013

Garden_2013_program_PRESS – A downloadable pdf of the program with a map showing the performers. Takes some skill to follow. But this is one place you want to get lost!

Here are some of the schedules we know:

 Chimes Chapel
5 to 5:20- William Winant Percussion Group
5:30 to 6- Elements Trio
6:05 to 6:25- Sarah Cahill
6:30 to 6:50- Del Sol Quartet and Stephen Kent
7 to 7:20- William Winant Percussion Group
7:25 to 8:10- Elements Trio
8:15 to 8:35- Sarah Cahill
8:40 to 9 pm– Del Sol Quartet and Stephen Kent

5-6 Del Sol Quartet
7:15-8:15 Del Sol Quartet
8:15-9pm – Wild Rumpus New Music Collective

Benevolence West
Ben Tinker   5:00PM – 6:00PM
Silvia Matheus 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Ben Tinker   7:30PM –  8:30PM
Silvia & Ben   8-30PM – 9-00PM

Performers’ notes for Garden of Memory 2013

Here is some information about what some of the artists have planned:

Monique Buzzarté Sarah Cahill The Cardew Choir Del Sol Quartet Guillermo Galindo, Surabhi Saraf & Lisa Sangita Moskow Wayne Grim Henry Kaiser Juraj Kojs The Living Earth Show Maggi Payne Tim Phillips Sabbaticus Rex Santomieri-Farhadian Duo Jason Victor Serinus Benjamin Tinker The Willam Winant Percussion Group

Monique Buzzarté, trombonist/composer, is an avid proponent of contemporary music who commissions and premieres many new works for trombone alone and with electronics in addition to creating her own compositions.   She loves the Garden of Memory summer solstice concert because of the opportunity a diverse audience has to sample a smorgasbord of new music possibilities.  This year she’ll be performing a series of pieces inspired by inner and outer soundscapes. More info at
Photo by Daniel Fries


Sarah Cahill will be playing in the Chimes Chapel:

The US premiere of “Patterns of Plants Collection 23 Pattern B” by Mamoru Fujieda

“RCSC” by Annea Lockwood (the title comes from the initials Ruth Crawford Sarah Cahill– I commissioned it for a project in tribute to Ruth Crawford’s 100th birthday in 2001, and Annea used the tone row from the second movement of Ruth Crawford’s String Quartet to choose her pitches for this piece)
“Authentic Presence” by Ingram Marshall


Benjamin Tinker plays an old modular analog synth, an Arp 2600, with a tape delay system, footprint is about 4x3feet. “I often enjoy working with acoustic musicians, taking their signal and processing it live. Violinist Christina Stanley and saxophonist Joshua Marshall agreed to each do duo sets with me, so I was thinking playing some solo synth, and then one of the soloists would join me, and then the other, with some possible more solo synth improv sets between & after.”

Some examples


With Christina:

With Josh:


Jason Victor Serinus:  Surprise! I will be whistling at the Chapel of the Chimes.

Music critic Jason Victor Serinus, “The Voice of Woodstock” in an Emmy-nominated Peanuts cartoon, brushes off his lips one more time for two sets in the chapel. He promises this year that he’ll do some of the pieces that earned him the title, “The Pavarotti of Pucker.” Dying to know more? See


Santomieri-Farhadian Duo

Thea Farhadian: violin

Dean Santomieri: guitars and spoken word.

Santomeri-Farhadian Duo is an avant-garde chamber music group, whose structured and free improvisations for violin and guitar draw from the vocabulary of contemporary classical music, with influences from their collective backgrounds in rock, classical, and Middle Eastern musics. Duo and solo performances in the Chapel of Meditation.

Sound samples:


Henry Kaiser will be playing solo guitar free improvisations.


Maggi Payne invites visitors to play a suped up Theremin interfaced to four devices: a Morpheus digital synthesizer and Aries analog synthesizer which produce sounds controlled by the Theremin, an IVL Pitchrider that converts pitches from the Theremin into MIDI note information for the Morpheus, and an M-Audio Trigger Finger, which enables players to change the sounds produced by the Morpheus.

You’ll be able to play a synthesized drum kit, vibes, piano, swirling and space sounds, etc. and the analog synth by moving your hand in the air towards and away from the vertical antenna on the right side of the Theremin, and to change the filter settings of the analog synth by moving your hand towards and away from the horizontal antenna on the left side of the Theremin.

Change the sounds by pressing prog/banks on the M-Audio Trigger Finger, then one of the 16 pads. Repeat to change to another sound.


The Cornelius Cardew Choir will offer a 4-hour version of The Heart Chant (2001) by Pauline Oliveros © 2001 Deep Listening Publications; performed by the choir and willing audience members. We invite you to join our performance of The Heart Chant. Once we have begun singing, you are welcome to find a place in our circle and intone the syllable “ah” in length-of-breath notes that resonate your heart and those of the person to your left in the circle. We’ll have choir members nearby (and straightforward printed directions) to help you enter and leave the circle as you wish. (No one of us sings for four hours!) For more information about the choir, please visit our Facebook page:

We look forward to your presence, your voice and your heart! -Tom Bickley, director of the Cardew Choir

Cardew Choir Heart Chant Photo by Michael Zelner June 21, 2012


Juraj Kojs: Slovakia is a set that combines Slovakian folk instruments and experimental live electronica. Dramatic rituals and powerful music will transport you to the mysterious world filled with ancient calls and voices.


Juraj Kojs 

is a composer, performer and multimedia artist from Slovakia who specializes on creating and performing experimental interactive music with conventional concert instruments, folk instruments, everyday objects and computer. Kojs has performed at festivals and conferences in Europe, the US and Latin America. Miami New Times described his muscle powered multimedia Neraissance as “striking and unforgettable.”


Wayne Grim will be performing a composition that is a very slow progression of 12 chords. Over a period of 48 minutes the chord tones come in and out of focus. The piece is created from a compositional process i have been working with for the past 15 years. The participants will be:
Christina Stanley-Violin, Eric Glick-Rieman-Melodia/Waterphone/Keyboard, Jacob Lindsay-Clarinets, Maryelizabeth Yarbrough-Accordion & Voice. I will be playing computer, Ribbon synthesizer, optical arpeggiator, and electromagnetic transducer.


The best resource for my current work is:


CMT Creates Music is an art project led by Tim Phillips to create awareness for Charcot Marie Tooth disease through the creation and performance of experimental musical instruments.  It is a unique collaboration between artists, musicians and experience with Charcot Marie Tooth disease*.

“We will be showcasing 4 very large and curious instruments that physically embody the sounds they are creating; exploring a range of timbres and mechanisms.  We’ll have the CHAPEL Bubble Organ and the CHIME Forest, bringing water and electricity together for your excitement.  We’ll also have the calming, hypnotic Sound Swing, coupled with the unnerving and risky Stringtotter.  Water, air, motors, glass, teeter totters, swings and golf balls should be enough to keep you entertained as we improvise with them to explore the unique soundscape of the Mausoleum. Find us downstairs by the Funeral Home Entrance in Integrity West. Musicians include: Tim Phillips, Claire Phillips, Dan Harrison, Nao Nakazawa & Sam Hernandez.

stringtotter 1
* Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) is a hereditary neuropathy that most people know very little about even though it affects 1 in 2500 Americans.  Find out more here:


The San Francisco based Del Sol String Quartet, two-time winner of the top Chamber Music America/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming, is breaking the boundaries of classical music in riveting performances of new music with a global pulse.Del Sol IMG_1929

We will be hopping back and forth between two locations.  Programs will include sneak peak at our next two CDs, as we will be busy recording these works immediately following the summer solstice.Looking forward to seeing you!

5:00 – 6:00
Chamber of Effulgence (upstairs)
Program:  To be announced.  Works by Paweł Mykietyn, Paweł Szymański and others.6:30 – 6:50
Chimes Chapel (ground floor)
with master didjeridu-ist Stephen Kent
• Peter Sculthorpe:  String Quartet No. 12 “From Ubirr”
with Stephen Kent, didjeridu
• Elena Kats-Chernin:  Fast Blue Village
with Stephen Kent, didjeridu7:15 – 8:15
Chamber of Effulgence (upstairs)
Program:  To be announced.  Works by Paweł Mykietyn, Paweł Szymański and others.8:40 – 9:00
Chimes Chapel (ground floor)
with master didjeridu-ist Stephen Kent
• Peter Sculthorpe (b. 1929, Australia): String Quartet No. 16
1. Loneliness
2. Anger
3. Yearning
4. Trauma
5. Freedom
with Stephen Kent, didjeridu

The Living Earth Show

Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!

A meditation over Chapter 94

of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

By Luciano Chessa

For amplified quarter tone vibraphone and

quarter tone guitar

Written for and Dedicated to

 The Living Earth Show in A.D. 2012


Lisa Sangita Moskow, electric sarod, tamboura
gal*in_dog aka Guillermo Galindo, Moog guitar, electronics
Surabhi Saraf: voice, visuals, electronics
This year the duo of Guillermo Galindo aka gal*in_dog and Lisa Sangita Moskow will include the presence of guest musician Surabhi Saraf. The music created by these amazing musicians of three different generations blends modified traditional Indian instruments with alternative electronic devices and visual and performative elements which create imaginary landscapes. This music encompasses traditional and non traditional Eastern and Western musical structures and alternative tunings.
Sangita and gal*in_dog have been navigating uncharted musical territories for many years.


The William Winant Percussion Group will be playing a newly commissioned piece from the “Thingamajigs Festival” featuring instruments from the Lou Harrison Instrument Collection by Scott Siler, as well as a new piece for 4 Glockenspiels by Daniel Steffey.

Sabbaticus Rex
“Opening gateways of timelessness where thought can take a breather. Encouraging our instruments to commune together.  We are really happy to contribute to this year’s Garden of Memory Summer Solstice event!”

Karen Stackpole: gongs
Cornelius Shinzen Boots: Taimu shakuhachi
Mark Deutsch: Bazantar