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2019 Performers

Baker & Corder

“New Renaissance artist” Elizabeth A. Baker and composer Nathan Corder will improvise with electronics and found objects.

John Benson

John Bischoff

Lydia Winsor Brindamour & James Beauton

a thin line between, for solo tam-tam, is the result of an ongoing collaboration between composer Lydia Winsor Brindamour and percussionist James Beauton. The work explores the instrument’s varied timbral and sonic attributes, as the activation of the tam-tam’s fundamental is continually manipulated to create subtle variations in the resulting sound.

Chris Brown

Performing both solo and with occasional guests as The Chromelodia Project, which features new compositions and improvisations I have written in Just Intonation using Harry Partch’s 43-tone scale. The project is named for Partch’s “Chromelodeon” instrument, which is a reed organ with keys for every note in that scale. My version of this is an 88-key MIDI keyboard that produces piano and organ tones, sometimes accompanied by synthetic percussive sounds via a laptop computer.

Obelisk (2016)

Nils Bultmann

Sarah Cahill

Sarah will perform two set in the Chimes Chapel, featuring Percy Grainger’s arrangement of John Dowland’s Now, O Now I Needs Must Part, Terry Riley’s The Walrus in Memoriam, and Theresa Wong’s She Dances Naked Under Palm Trees. She will also accompany bassist Richard Mix in songs by Roscoe Mitchell and Ann Callaway.

Sarah will be performing in memory of Joe Botz, an avid audience member at new music concerts who died in March.

Amanda Chaudhary & Serena Toxicat

Ambient experimental music featuring Amanda Chaudhary on multiple synthesizers with words by Serena Toxicat. There is an amorphous, ethereal and haunting quality to our sound, but also playful and rhythmic moments as well. Noise and harder elements provide punctuation and structure between clouds of harmonic and inharmonic sounds. Acoustic percussion is used as well, including a garrahand drum. Most of the music pays tribute to cats, both wild and domestic.

The Cornelius Cardew Choir

Danny Clay & Amy Foote

Composer Danny Clay and singer Amy Foote will present a ritual performance piece for three voices and movement.

Joe Colley

Majel Connery

Material from an upcoming solo electronic album, Anything Chartreuse.

The Dresher/Davel Invented Instrument Duo

duo B

Percussionist Jason Levis and bassist Lisa Mezzacappa will play the compositions of Anthony Braxton, arranged for their duo.


Trio exploring the group dynamic through both traditional and extended techniques on acoustic string instruments, coupled with electronics and live processing.

Gautam Tejas Ganeshan

Vinny Golia

Pieces for woodwinds, gongs and electronics. Through the manipulation of the gongs with various mallets, bowing techniques and specialized rubbing with modified objects, overtones are produced that have otherworldly qualities.

Anne Hege

Performing composed works that weave together the Tape Machine with electronic soundtracks, voice, megaphone, and smartphone instruments.

Shelley Hirsch

Brenda Hutchinson

Brenda will lead the annual sunset bell-ringing ceremony (all are welcome to participate).


Fearless percussion, stark electronics, and Japanese poetry from Nava Dunkelman and Amma Ateria, aka Jeanie Aprille Tang, featuring music composed specifically for the Garden of Memory.

Laura Inserra

Laura will be playing the Hang.

Andrew Barnes Jamieson

Solo piano improvisations in the Chimes Chapel.


A blend of Balkan, Near Eastern and American roots music.

Henry Kaiser, Scott Amendola & Brandy Gale

Synesthete artist Brandy Gale will perform live painting to music improvised music by guitarist Henry Kaiser and drummer Scott Amendola.

The Kevin Robinson Ensemble – KREation

Saxophonist/composer Kevin Robinson and his ensemble will present a Through the Twisting Prisms, a work that investigates ideas of labyrinths, mazes and meditation.

Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble

Kitka will perform three sets in the Chimes Chapel.

Lightbulb Ensemble & Friction Quartet

Brian Baumbusch’s Lightbulb Ensemble and the Friction Quartet will perform a portion of Baumbusch’s The Pressure for newly created gamelan-style instruments, strings, keyboards, vocalists and narrator.

The Living Earth Show

Works by Sarah Hennies, Raven Chacon, Dennis Aman, Chris Cerrone and Sahba Aminikia.

Dylan Mattingly & Eli Wirtschafter

Dylan Mattingly and Eli Wirtschafter will be improvising on cello and violin.

mit Darm

Composer/performer Edward Schocker will play glass instruments and the Japanese shō (mouth organ), while percussionist Suki O’Kane makes sounds with contact mics and “Jurassic pedals.”

Richard Mix

Richard will perform a setting of Sir Thomas Wyatt’s “They Flee From Me,” accompanied by Anne Callaway in the Chimes Chapel.

Amy X Neuburg

New Moon Duo

Pianist Anne Rainwater and mezzo-soprano Melinda Becker will perform Cuatro Canciones Andinas by Gabriela Lena Frank in the Chimes Chapel.

Chris Olson

Birch Flags: inspired by the durability, pliancy, and waterproof nature of this naturally occurring, formerly living material, Chris Olson has fashioned hanging banners made of birch, to which he has affixed piezoelectric transducers which transform them into resonators for sounds he generates from a homemade modular synthesizer and and electric guitar.

Orchestra Nostalgico

The nine-piece ensemble brings its repertoire from the Golden Age of film music back to the Pacific Plaza, including a new Phillip Greenlief arrangement from Nino Rota’s score for Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria.

Maggi Payne

The composer will make her theremin available for visitors to experiment with.

Robin Petrie

Hammer dulcimer player Robin Petrie will be joined by multi-instrumentalist Shira Kammen and percussionist Peter Maund.

Dan Plonsey

The composer and bandleader will perform with his ensemble Goggle Plex.

Randy Porter

Wendy Reid & Friends

Composer Wendy Reid and a small ensemble including Brenda Hutchinson, Aurora Josephson, Ron Heglin and Lulu (a parrot) will perform of Ambient Bird 433, an hour+ long tree piece and a new bird haiku collection.

Rova Saxophone Quartet

Irene Sazer & Kate Stenberg

Violinists Irene Sazer and Kate Stenberg will be improvising.

John Schott

SCLOrk (the Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra)

In their smaller, “Chamber SCLOrk” configuration, the Laptop Orchestra will perform ambient, textural and atmospheric pieces based on soft synthetic waveforms and amplified small objects using contact mics and live processing.

The Sound Cave Project

Instrument inventor and installation artist tyson ayers‘ Sound Cave Project team will install and perform in (on) their musical sculpture 5 Elements Tea House. Visitors will be invited to play as well.

Sahba Sizdahkhani

The Iranian-American percussionist and composer will perform on the santour (ancient Persian dulcimer).

Karen Stackpole & Krys Bobrowski

The musicians will play gongs and gliss glass, using various bowing techniques to excite these instruments, creating long, slowly evolving sounds.

Donald Swearingen

The composer/performer/interface designer will be alternating and performing together with Pamela Z, using interactive electronic instruments that he’s created over the past few years.

Trance Mission Duo

Beth Custer and Stephen Kent will perform their extraordinary and original music for clarinet and didgeridoo.

Unpopular Electronics

The duo of Gino Robair and Tom Djll will perform on analog electronics, interpreting graphic scores and using chance operations to determine their sounds.


The duo of Zachary James Watkins and Ross Peacock.

Peter Whitehead

The instrument builder, songwriter and composer will play and sing with invented instruments, electronics and toys.


Theresa Wong

The composer, cellist and vocalist will play a solo set.

Pamela Z