(A few) Schedules for Garden of Memory June 21, 2014

For the most part, there are no schedules at all. Occasionally you will find a posted schedule up by the entrance to a room. Most of the performers, scattered through the building, will be performing for the entire four hours. However, they will be taking breaks – so if you stumble on a silent room filled with incomprehensible instruments, cords, an empty chair – please try to retrace your steps later to come back when that room will be swelling with sounds.

There are a few chapels which do have schedules: the large chapels on the main floor – The Chimes Chapel and the Julia Morgan Chapel. In addition, Effulgence on the top floor corner, the outdoors Pacific Plaza on the upper level, and a few other rooms shared by multiple performers. We will update the schedules as we learn them. (For the pieces these groups will be playing – please refer to our Performers Program Notes Page.)

The Chimes Chapel:
5-5:20 – William Winant Percussion Group: music by John Cage
5:25-6:05 – Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: music by Laurie San Martin
6:10-6:35 Kitka: music by Eric Banks
6:40-7:05- Del SolString Quartet: music by Peter Sculthorpe with Stephen Kent
7:05 to 7:20- Sarah Cahill: music by Mamoru Fujieda
7:25-7:50- Kitka: music by Eric Banks
7:55 to 8:05- Sarah Cahill: music by Mamoru Fujieda
8:10 to 8:35 -Del Sol String Quartet: music by Peter Sculthorpe with Stephen Kent
8:35 to 9- Kitka: music by Eric Banks

5-6:30 Del Sol String Quartet
6:45-7:15 Willie Winant Percussion Ensemble
7:20-8:00 Del Sol String Quartet
8:15-8:30 Willie Winant Percussion Ensemble

Julia Morgan Chapel
Carl Stone
Amy X Neuburg
Paul Dresher & Joel Davel

Pacific Plaza
5-6 Orchestra Nostalgico
6-7 Dan Plonsey and Friends
7-8 Orchestra Nostalgico
8-9 Dan Plonsey and Friends