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Notes for June 21 2017

There are very few scheduled performances – in some of the chapels, and some shared rooms, there will be specific sets – otherwise the performers will perform for the entire concert – taking occasional unscheduled breaks. The best way to see everyone is just to wander, and go back to a room if it was empty when you first passed by.

In the Chimes Chapel

5pm-5:35pm: A performance by Joel Davel, Nannick Bonnel, Peter Apfelbaum & Claudine Naganuma honors the memory of Don Buchla, whose innovative instruments and dedication to contemporary music influenced the lives of many in the Bay Area new music community.

5:45 to 6:15- Kitka: ancient and contemporary harmonies from Eastern Europe with special guest Svetlana Spajic

6:15 to 7:35- Samuel Adams and Helen Kim perform Morton Feldman’s “For John Cage”

7:40 to 8:10- Kitka: ancient and contemporary harmonies from Eastern Europe with special guest Svetlana Spajic

8:10 to 8:30- Sarah Cahill performs Lou Harrison

8:30 to 9 pm- Kitka: ancient and contemporary harmonies from Eastern Europe with special guest Svetlana Spajic

In the Julia Morgan Chapel:
Paul Dresher & Joel Davel alternating with
Amy X Neuburg

In the Meditation Chapel:
Kristine Barrett alternating with
Dean Santiomeri & Thea Farhadian

On Pacific Plaza
Orchestra Nostalgico will alternate hourly with
Dan Plonsey & Goggle Plex

In The Chapel of Light:
Duo B: Lisa Mezzacappa & Jason Levis alternating with
The Real Vocal String Quartet

Map of Garden of Memory at Chapel of the Chimes 2017

For those of you who like to plan ahead, or afterwards, want to remember who you saw where, here is a map showing where the performers will be playing. Some will be sharing a room, but most will be on their own – which means there will be times when they have to take a break. Don’t despair, circle back! There are few schedules – none we can publish, but they might be posted in the rooms once you get there. There will be a schedule for The Chapel of the Chimes itself posted in the lobby area.

Garden of Memory 2017 program MAP

Sarah Cahill Garden of Memory Chronicle

MAP of the Performers for Garden of Memory 2014 & Other Info

Here’s the map for the performances at the 2014 Garden of Memory!

There will be a food truck stationed outside the main entrance plaza on Piedmont Ave to tide you over during the event. No food or drink is allowed inside the building, however. )Although you should feel free to bring a water bottle as it does get crowded inside, and water fountains are few and far between.) Ebbetts Good to Go

(A few) Schedules for Garden of Memory June 21, 2014

For the most part, there are no schedules at all. Occasionally you will find a posted schedule up by the entrance to a room. Most of the performers, scattered through the building, will be performing for the entire four hours. However, they will be taking breaks – so if you stumble on a silent room filled with incomprehensible instruments, cords, an empty chair – please try to retrace your steps later to come back when that room will be swelling with sounds.

There are a few chapels which do have schedules: the large chapels on the main floor – The Chimes Chapel and the Julia Morgan Chapel. In addition, Effulgence on the top floor corner, the outdoors Pacific Plaza on the upper level, and a few other rooms shared by multiple performers. We will update the schedules as we learn them. (For the pieces these groups will be playing – please refer to our Performers Program Notes Page.)

The Chimes Chapel:
5-5:20 – William Winant Percussion Group: music by John Cage
5:25-6:05 – Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: music by Laurie San Martin
6:10-6:35 Kitka: music by Eric Banks
6:40-7:05- Del SolString Quartet: music by Peter Sculthorpe with Stephen Kent
7:05 to 7:20- Sarah Cahill: music by Mamoru Fujieda
7:25-7:50- Kitka: music by Eric Banks
7:55 to 8:05- Sarah Cahill: music by Mamoru Fujieda
8:10 to 8:35 -Del Sol String Quartet: music by Peter Sculthorpe with Stephen Kent
8:35 to 9- Kitka: music by Eric Banks

5-6:30 Del Sol String Quartet
6:45-7:15 Willie Winant Percussion Ensemble
7:20-8:00 Del Sol String Quartet
8:15-8:30 Willie Winant Percussion Ensemble

Julia Morgan Chapel
Carl Stone
Amy X Neuburg
Paul Dresher & Joel Davel

Pacific Plaza
5-6 Orchestra Nostalgico
6-7 Dan Plonsey and Friends
7-8 Orchestra Nostalgico
8-9 Dan Plonsey and Friends