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GARDEn of memory Artists

The artists, many of whom are well-known to Bay Area audiences include

  • Kitka

  • Sarah Cahill

  • Pamela Z

  • Beth Custer with Will Bernard & Ellen Gronnigen

  • Dylan Mattingly

  • The Living Earth Show with Guillermo Gallindo

  • Carl Stone

  • John Benson, with Tim Perkis & Gino Robair

  • Paul Dresher

  • Randy Porter

  • Orchestra Nostalgico

  • Edward Schocker

  • Dan Plonsey & Friends

  • Robert Nance

  • Gautam Tejas Ganeshan

  • Duo B

  • Theresa Wong, and others.

    Check back as the list of performers is updated.

    See Map for locations and limited  schedule information. 

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