Cahpel of the Chimes: Garden of Memory For immediate release:
May 28, 2003

New Music Bay Area and Chapel of the Chimes present their tremendously popular summer solstice celebration Garden of Memory: a Columbarium Walk-Through Event at Chapel of the Chimes, a labyrinthine Julia Morgan-designed columbarium and mausoleum replete with gardens, fountains, and stained-glass skylights at 4499 Piedmont Ave., next to Mountain View Cemetery, in Oakland on Saturday, June 21 from 5 to 9 pm. The program will feature simultaneous performances in different parts of the building by Bay Area composers, musicians, and other performers presenting a variety of acoustic and electronic music, installations, and interactive events; the audience is free to move throughout the building during the performances. Admission is $10 general, $5 students and seniors. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For information, call New Music Bay Area at (415) 563-6355, ex. 3 or write to

The artists, many of whom are well-known to Bay Area audiences, to be featured at this event include composers Paul Dresher, Maggi Payne, Ed Campion (with John Campion and Danielle DeGruttola), Dean Santomieri, Greg Moore, Christi Denton, Randy Porter, Laetitia Sonami, Frank J. Oteri, and Brenda Hutchinson; koto player Miya Masaoka and saxophonist Larry Ochs, pianists Sarah Cahill, Jerry Kuderna, and Mary Watkins; glass instrument musician Miguel Frasconi; singer Pamela Z; trombonist Monique Buzzarte; the recorder duo Three Trapped Tigers; whistler Jason Serinus, shakuhachi player Phil Gelb, musical saw player Luciano Chessa, and guitarists Henry Kaiser and Chris Muir, among others. Special events include the Ohana Overtone Singers, a kids' concert with Dan Plonsey and Gino Robair, and cellist Elaine Kreston along with Ray Regan and Scott Railsback, playing a trio of instruments constructed from a single agave plant.

Garden of Memory offers a unique and personal musical experience to every listener as he or she wanders freely through this multilevel maze of interior gardens, alcoves, pools, and antechambers ingeniously designed by Julia Morgan. Drawing crowds of around a thousand people each year (including a large number of children), Garden of Memory has become a favorite summer solstice celebration for Bay Area audiences.

There are no advance reservations, and listeners are advised to either carpool or come by public transportation, as parking is very limited.

New Music Bay Area is a nonprofit organization which provides opportunities and information to composers and performers of new music throughout the Bay Area. New Music Bay Area is supported by grants from the California Arts Council and the generosity of its members and donors. In addition, Garden of Memory is supported by the American Composers Forum.