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Garden of Memory
Volunteers clubhouse

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• SP 50 | Wear a Hat | bring a h20 Bottle & a snack
It will be HOT! We want to make sure you have an enjoyable experience!

• Arrive 15 minutes before your shift
This will allow for a smooth transition and provide an opportunity to get the lay of the land from the volunteer you're replacing. Note your check-in location below, above. Downstairs=Piedmont Ave. Upstairs=Howe St.

* Vital Information in detail - "Miranda's Notes"

* Bike or bus if possible
OR allow PLENTY of time for parking if you drive. Parking lot spaces are extremely limited. The best bet for parking is usually Pleasant Valley Ave. The Mountain View Cemetery staff have asked that we not park in the cemetery.


•  Bring your ticket (mobile or printed), proof of vaccination, and a mask (masks required inside the building).

•  Aparently this is a FAQ: How do I know when and where ensembles are performing? Here's what we posted on the public FAQ site.
On the Chapel Map you will see that musical ensembles are playing simultaneously in various chambers of the Chapel of the Chimes.  The audience wanders and listens as long as they want in each area.  Where two performers are listed, they alternate their sets. And in the main Chapel auditorium with three performers, this is their schedule:

5 pm- Dylan Mattingly 

5:30- Kitka

6- Sarah Cahill

6:30- Dylan Mattingly

7- Kitka

7:30- Sarah Cahill

8- Dylan Mattingly

8:30- Kitka

* Zoom recording of June 16 Vols meeting 
[RT- 40:00]


Contact info

phone / text #s • Hannah  |  Jon | Debra 
eMail newmusicbayarea at gmail dot com

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